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The Bell Tree Live Chat

Java client:

server: irc.windfyre.net
channel: #thebelltree

IRC is a form of live chat which has many different chat groups called channels. Many websites use IRC channels to have a centralized place to talk with other members. To access the IRC channel, one can download a client, such as mIRC, or use a Java applet which allows the member to access the IRC network from the website. (Click here to learn more about IRC.) To go to TBT's Java applet, click the link above. To set up the channel with a client, use the information shown above.

You can also chat with the Java applet at the forum. If the Java client doesn't load, you'll need to update it. If you have any other questions, feel free to post in the board for the IRC: click here.

Please follow the rules while chatting. The forum rules (click here) also apply to the IRC channel. Please make sure you use the same name you use on the forums if you have an account and make sure you don't use someone else's username. Have fun chatting!