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Hi all, and welcome to TBT's Pattern Gallery and Maker. Here we have many cool tips to help you make the best type of patterns possible. (Tips are coming Soon.) To start off currently we only have one pallet for the pattern maker so if you wish to visit it, click the link below. The rest will be coming soon so keep your eyes open.

Current Directions to Submit a Pattern
This pattern section of the site is still under construction and may undergo major changes. In the mean time, if you would like to submit a pattern for the future pattern gallery, please use the following instrustions.
- Take a screenshot of the pattern when you are done be hitting the key called Print Screen or Prnt Scrn (the key is usually in the top right of the keyboard).
- Open up Paint. Start -> Programs -> Accesories -> Paint.
- Paste the screenshot into the new document. Edit -> Paste.
- You may trim the non-needed part of the pic if you know how.
- Save it somewhere where you can remember.
- Send the document as an attachment to stormcommander@gmail.com.
- If you have any questions, PM StormCommander at the Forums or email him.
Once again, these are temporary directions untill things are sorted out. OddCrazyMe will be recieving patterns in the future.

Pattern Managment: OddCrazyMe
Pattern Maker Creator: ZELDAFREAK104