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Before, you may have noticed various buttons on the top navigation (if not, see image below). These will be future pages that will represent some of the important things in Animal Crossing. They've been taken down for now since we won't be done with all of them for a while. When one is finished, it will be added back indvidualy.

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Game Articles - Describes each game in the Animal Crossing franchise with depth.
Animal Forest (Doubutsu no Mori) - This will be the first completed game article.
Animal Crossing
Animal Crossing: Wild World
Animal Crossing for the Wii

Portals - These will be updated information centers and communities for specific aspects of AC.
Items (leader: Justin) - This will be the first opened portal.
Patterns (leader: OddCrazyMe and ZeldaFreak104)
Fish (leader: currently unkown)
Insects (leader: currently unkown)
Community (leader: StormCommander)
Towns (leader: currently unkown)
Online / Wi-Fi (leader: currently unkown)

Each portal has a leader that runs and updates it. They will work with StormCommander to complete the goal. So far, only some leaders are definite. If you are interested in leading a portal, PM StormCommander on the forums.

This page will show progress of the game articles and portals and will exist until all of them are completed.